Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Card Making Projects (and other paper crafts)

Mother Day Card Project
Mother Day Card Projetc
So I have decided to make some Card Making and other paper craft projects. I want to make these accessible to all levels of card makers. Beginners should find I am working very much at their level and more experienced paper crafters may just see a few ideas or techniques they haven't come accross before.

In no way do I think I am a "good" paper crafter, in fact, after years and years of designing papers, I've only actually done a minimal amount of actual making. Having said that I often have ideas in my head when I've been creating the designs and it is a few of these ideas I'm going to try and do on video.

Card Making Video Project
Card Making Video Project
The first project I have done is a simple mothers day card. I've obviously used both a template and some of the papers off Free Craft Downloads although I have altered them slightly so I didn't have to do lots of manual cutting and pasting. These altered sheets are available on Free Craft Downloads on the projects page. This mothers day card is vert straight forward but I am certain many of the clever crafters who visit the site will be able to see what I have done and then improve on it. After all that is a big part of crafting, taking what someone else has done and adding your own personal twist.

I hope you enjoy this project and the future ones. They will only be occational additions to our site but hopefully, after a year or so, we will have built up a nice library of them.

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