Monday, 4 February 2013

Favour Box (Free Template)

Favour Box Instructions with Free Template

Favour Box with free template
I really like this video project. It's a rather nice favour box (favor box) which can be used for Weddings, Valentines Day, Birthdays, Christmas in fact, any time you need a favour box or small gift box. What makes this box so versatile is the fact it can be used with any landscape paper off free craft downloads. That immediately gives you 1,000s of possibilities. Not only that but it can also be used with any landscape paper you already own.

Free Favor Box Template
The simple trick is: if you are using one of the papers off free craft downloads simply put the thick paper or thin card through the printer twice. Once to put the landscape design on and once to print the template on the back. If you are using a landscape paper you already own (A4) then just put it through the printer and print the free template onto the back.

After that just follow the video instructions. Do watch the video as there is an important twist towards the end (literally speaking rather than figuratively) which is a bit difficult to explain in writing. The page with the video also contains the direct link to the template and a few suggestions for landscape designs to use for Weddings, Brithdays and Valentines Day.

Free Favour Box Template

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