Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Card Making Days

On Free Craft Downloads we are eager to build up a list of Card Making Days to compliment our Free Craft making downloads. We tend to remember the days we celebrate but sometimes forget the days which others celebrate but we don't.

With many crafters taking part in international forums we now often have friends who celebrate "days" which aren't part of our own customers.... July 4th in the USA,  Australia Day, Chinese New Years to just name a few.

Even some of the common days have different dates, Mother Day may not be celebrated on the same date in the UK as it is in Canada (wouldn't know without looking it up). Add to these some days which haven't quite "made it" into our calendars... Grandparents Day for example, how many people could say when that falls this year even in their own country!

So if you have any dates which you think we ought to add and may have forgotten please either leave a comment with this post, in the Free Craft Downloads forum or even email us. We will be asking on several of our forums, our Facebook page etc and then in a few weeks time we will be putting all this information together to hopefully make the definitive Card Makers Dates list.

We will try our best to make this available as a download so you will be able to save it and keep it for continual reference.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Craft Shopping Television

I know I've talked about Shopping Telly before on several websites. At least three of the Channels, QVC, Ideal Word Shopping and Create and Craft (another part of Ideal World) are of interest to crafters as they sell large amounts of craft goods, particulaly paper crafts like card making and scrap booking.

Last time I mentioned the "problems" with the shopping channels mainly

  • High prices and postage
  • Narrow Range of Crafts 
  • Demonstrations and demonstrators continually interrupted
  • Continual Hard Selling
  • Low quality goods

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Well we've been getting on with the new site as mentioned the other week. The site is meant both for those crafters who are new to the computer and those who would like to increase their knowledge a bit. The initial topics covered include:
  • Creating a website / blog
  • Shopping on the Internet
  • Images and Sizes / DPI
  • Making Your Own Decoupage Sheets
  • Making your own Pyramid Papers
  • Keeping Your Computer Safe
This and more is on the site right now plus we will adding more weekly. There is a newsletter to join if you would like to be kept up-to-date with new articles.

You don't have to join the site just to read the articles but you will have to if you want to make any comments. If you have any thing you would like covered on the site and it is related to computing/crafting then just contact us through a message here, in the Free Craft Downloads Forum or by using that contact us form on www.freecraftdownloads.co.uk (We will add a contact form to Computing4Crafters Shortly).

We have now closed Computing4Crafters and amalgamated all the info onto Craftville.com

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Themes For Home Made Greetings Cards. Part III Adults

For many adult you will have a clear idea of what theme you should use for them.  Often topics like computing, gardening, sport, flowers etc will cover the job. Unfortunately there are times when you have no idea of what type of Birthday card someone would like. Luckily Free Craft Downloads can cover you here... you're making a Birthday Card so hopefully you know their Birth date and there for you can use either the Birth Sign papers or the Brith stone ones, maybe you could combine both into one card.

For the Birth Signs we have both backing papers and decoupage covering each of the sun signs... if you aren't sure which one is relevant then the Useful Information section has them listed for you together with the Birth Stones.

In the Birth Stones we cover 6 at the moment and will be adding the other six other the next few months.

At least with these if you need to make a last minuet card for  friend or relative then you will be able to download the free papers and decoupage and make something relatively quickly.


Decoupage Sheets
Zodiac Decoupage

Backing Papers, Inserts and Tags
Birth Signs