Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Difficult Year

There is no doubt that this is going to be a difficult year for craft companies both on and off line. Towards the end of last year several of the smaller online craft companies ceased trading and more are sure to follow. There were far too many of these small online companies to be sustainable but it is a shame as many of these smaller companies were run by real craft enthusiasts.

I've noticed already that several craft fair organisers have cut down on the number of shows they are running so this will cut down on the choice for crafters. As incomes drop and stand prices increase crafters will have to think hard about which shows they book. Unfortunately most finished craft items are not a necessity for the buying public and we shall have to wait and see how much they continue buying.

All is not doom and gloom, as normal in this situation there are bargains to be had as craft companies compete for the smaller amount of custom around. Keep you eyes on your favourite craft websites and you will see more reduced prices and sakes.