Friday, 10 October 2008

New SIte

Well I've finally finished my Free Craft Downloads site, an amalgamation of backingpapers.forfree.orguk,,, and

Should be much easier for me to keep update and a lot easier for people to find what they need quickly as this site has a search engine :-) Rather than go into details heres a link to a copy of the relevant newslette:



Sunday, 5 October 2008

Just a moan about "Change"

Firstly let me just say the Craft4Charity has now raised over £2,000 so a huge thanks to everyone involved.

The rest of the blog is just going to be a bit of a moan.

I've never considered myself as a "conservative" (notice the small c) but two things have happened this weekend which may make me rethink.

Firstly they've destroyed one of my favourite websites, BBC Radio 7, obviously still love the station, who couldn't love all that SiFi, Sherlock Holmes, Hancocks Half hour etc etc ( if you've never listened then do give it a go) I even love some of literature they have on there. However they have managed to completely destroy the web site associated with it, they taken a nice, functional qwerky site and changed it to fit in the the corporate BBC look, worse still they have removed some of the best functionality and hidden the rest of it where it's difficult to find. Why change something which is working and people like. A quick glance at their message board (if yo can find it) shows you exactly what the users think.

To make matters worse I sat down with my youngest son today to watch the "Famous Five" on the Disney channel, we were looking forward to this as for the last couple of months we've been working through the first three of the Adventures for his bedtime story.... if you haven't seen this TV offering yet please don't, if you have the slightest memory of the books this TV series will make you cry. Dick has been renamed "Dylan", Ann is a cheer leader, Julian is "daft" and George, well george isn't a tomboy any more.... there's no sign of Uncle Quinton or unsurprisingly Aunte Fanny. The "HOUMOUR" (and there are lots of attempts at it) is along the lines of Scooby Doo, mostly based on the daft Julian, the air head Ann and, forgot to say,Dick (sorry Dylan) a money orientated nerd. Please give it a miss if you have fond memories of the books. I'm sure if it hadn't been named the Famous Five it would just have disappeared in to the mire of childrens TV... unfortunately some idiot decided to sell them the rights, you would have hopped that more care was taken with the legacy :-(

Well thats enough of my ramblings...nothing to do with crafts I know but the title of the blog does include the "and more" :-)