Friday, 24 April 2009

This Years Crafts Show

Personally I think there's something strange going on this year... despite my gloomy forcasts I have done two shows this year, both with Living Heritage and both turned out to be a success.

I don't really understand why, I thought people wouldn't be spending this year and would be staying at home! It could down to a reduction in the number of craft shows being put on this year oir it could be down to the hard work put in by Kiving Heritage to ensure they get the people through the gate. Whatever the reason I'm glad to say this year is turning out far better then last (so far).

I will keep you posted....

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tile (Kaleidoscope) Maker

Would you like to make yours own Tbag Tiles or Kaleidoscope Designs using your own pictures? Now you can using the Free Online Tile Maker at

[Sorry this is sounding corny even as I'm writting it]

Useful for Card makers, Scrap Bookers and other papers crafters this programme will enable you to make 5 different sizes of tiles in 6 different styles.

The programme is currently "Beta" but very usable, the publishers are asking for feedback on how people get on with it so they can make improvements before the next release.

There are instructions for using the Tile Maker on the page we have linked to below and a bit of discussion about it in their forum. THere is also a short video about using it which is below.

You can find the tile maker at