Saturday, 4 December 2010

Themes For Home Made Greetings Cards. Part III Adults

For many adult you will have a clear idea of what theme you should use for them.  Often topics like computing, gardening, sport, flowers etc will cover the job. Unfortunately there are times when you have no idea of what type of Birthday card someone would like. Luckily Free Craft Downloads can cover you here... you're making a Birthday Card so hopefully you know their Birth date and there for you can use either the Birth Sign papers or the Brith stone ones, maybe you could combine both into one card.

For the Birth Signs we have both backing papers and decoupage covering each of the sun signs... if you aren't sure which one is relevant then the Useful Information section has them listed for you together with the Birth Stones.

In the Birth Stones we cover 6 at the moment and will be adding the other six other the next few months.

At least with these if you need to make a last minuet card for  friend or relative then you will be able to download the free papers and decoupage and make something relatively quickly.


Decoupage Sheets
Zodiac Decoupage

Backing Papers, Inserts and Tags
Birth Signs

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