Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Craft Forums and others

Many of us are members of forums, in fact I must be a member over over 20. not all of the are craft forums, many deal with the software I use to run the site and others are for Webmasters and cover things like site promotion and development.

I've noticed something different about the craft related ones, on the whole they're a lot more sociable than other types of forums which I'm a member of.  There's a lot more general chatting going on which is really nice.

Of the forum I'm a member of it's obviously my own which I visit most often and which I enjoy the most.

Free Craft Downloads Forum is the one I use most. Lots of great areas, a lot of general chat but also sections where crafts can be discuss, mostly paper crafts.

The Forum with no Name is very similar. It used to be "Alan and Barrys Crafts" forum but when that company closed it was rescued so it wasn't lost to the members.

Other Popular Craft Forums include:

More specilised Craft forums would include the like of:

There are lots of other Craft related forums... many the popular craft designers also have forum including FeeJ Designs and Joanna Sheen.

All of these are nice forums where you can meet and chat to other crafters.  may be best to have a nosey at a few until you find one which really suits you.


Pamela said...

I love belonging to craft forums too. I'm a member of several including some of the ones you've mentioned -Free Craft Downloads, No Name Forum, Feej's and, my favourite Craft Telly. You missed out one of the craft designers though - Sharon Duncan. I belong to here forum too, we're know as the Dunkers!

The Craftman said...

Whoops I shouldn't have forgotten Sharons!