Saturday, 13 November 2010

Themes For Home Made Greetings Cards. Part II Older Children and Teens

Once again the free number card templates make a good standby for Birthday Cards especially for the "important" years, 16 and 18.

Teens are normally quite difficult to do any sort of card for but we did the "Cartoon" figures a while ago which went down really well so these have now been added to the main site. There are three sets: Older tennager (because they are drinking), Music, in which they have guitars and Football. Each of the 3 sets have decoupage, pyramid sheets, backing papers, inserts, tags and frames. In addition to this Street Dance has become popular lately, thanks to Britain's Got Talent and other shows like that so our papers with that on have also proved popular.

Finally Sports can also be popular with teenagers and our free papers include many from Karate through to Skateboarding, you will find these altogether in the new sport section.


Decoupage Sheets

Number Templates 1
Number Templates 2
Number Templates 3

Backing Papers, Inserts and Tags

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