Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Card Making and Colours

As is fairly normal, I was sitting making some of the free backing papers the other afternoon with the television on in the background, can't remember exactly which channel but it was one og the shopping telly craft shows so probably either QVC or Create and Craft.

Anyway my attention was suddenly drawn to what they were saying "These colours are so in this year" and "These are going to be next seasons colours". I was honestly going to turn over as I assumed the schedule had moved on to a cloths programme but no, it was still on a card making programme and this was then talking about a set of papers they were selling.

So is it just me or is it really stupid talking about card making papers in this way. I know there are some conventions, lots of reds and greens for Christmas papers, blacks and greys for sympathy ones and I do tend to do my Christening papers and Baby papers in pastel blues and pinks, but are is there really such a thing as "thins seasons colours (pastel green if I remember rightly in this case) or is it just another way of them getting us to buy yet another set of papers?

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veecee said...

You are right about the 'in season' side of card making etc. I'm not a professional crafter but have been card making for family etc for some years. I find it's mostly because ALL the manufacturers and the selling channels pick up on certain items, colours, shapes and then it goes into the magazines and before you know it, there is a 'trend' to be followed.
At the moment (has been for quite a while) it seems to be large cards, mixed patterns and colours on the same card. Add to that as many textures etc as you can and you are into the trend of now.
Am sure it's another way of manufacturers trying to find more ways of making sure crafters are going to buy their goods.
Can understand that, especially in this time of needing to keep businesses working. What amazes me is that with postage costs going through the roof we are adding to the 'trend' of the large cards with masses of toppings which means that you can really only hand the card to the recipients rather than post unless you have a bottomless purse.
Just my opinion and am sure lots will disagree with me :-))