Monday, 14 January 2013

New Music and Sport Papers Topic page.

It's the bane of my life that we have all these great papers for people to download for free,  but helping them find the one they need almost an impossible task. Things have slowly improved since we started the site, the site map lists just about everything on the site by section, the Special Dates and Special Events section help people find free papers for those important days and we are still working on an index for the papers.

Sailing Cross Stitch Chart      

In addition to these we are adding TOPIC PAGES which will list all (or all we can find) papers we have on a given topic. The first two topics we have covered are Music and Sports.

Free Sports papers.

Free Football Papers
Australian Football
The Sports topic page list all the papers we have covering different sports, all the obvious sports are there: football, Cricket, fishing, horse riding, sailing, tennis, golf etc and also some of the not so obvious: Skateboarding, bowling, Clay Pidgin shooting, Pool etc.

We list papers from all over the site so as well as the popular free Backing papers and inserts we also list the digi stamps, cross stitch charts and glass painting designs when they are available.

Free Sports papers.

Free Music Papers.

Image of free guitar decoupage
Brewster Guitar
Like the sports topic, the music topic page is also very diverse. One set of papers and decpoupage show a string quartet which another shows Yowser doing some mixing on the decks. We also have free papers showing Carol Singers, Brass and String instruments, treble clefs, Brewster on the guitar and much more. I should hope that, if you want to make a music based greeting card or other paper craft projects, you will be able to find some suitable free papers in this section.
Free Music Papers.

Free Music Downloads for Card Making
Treble Clef Papers
We will be continuing to add to these "Topic sections" over the coming months. The next two sections will focus on our free floral/flower papers and our Dance papers. As normal, after that, we are open to any suggestions you may have.

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