Sunday, 20 January 2013

Free Stencils to Downloads

This week we have had a bit of a stencil frenzy with two completely different uses for stencils. As normal these stencils will be completely free to download and print at home.

Free 3 and 4 inch Stencil Patterns

Free Letter Stencils to download
Letter Stencils 
These free 3 inch and 4 inch stencil templates are a bit different from our normal downloads. Normally we do free  card making, scrapbooking, glass painting and cross stitch downloads etc. With these stencil downloads we have no idea how people are going to use them, but we are very sure that people with find them really useful in a wide range of situations. Print them onto card and cit out  to use in sponging and other craft work.
We'd really like to hear how people are using them, so, if you use them please do let us know and send a pic if possible.

3 and 4 inch Stencil Templates

Relative Card Stencils

Free Relative Card Stencils to download and print
Relative  Card Stencils
The second type of stencil downloads we have done are these relative card stencils. This is just the begining of what we intend to be a much larger set. At the moment we have cards available  for close relatives such as Mum, Dad, Grandad, Nan, Sister, Brother, Aunty, Uncle and Cousin.  The cards are available in three different sizes all which are "long folded", the are A4, A5 and 10x7. Our idea for these cards is that you cut out the letters and then put a sheets (coloured?) behind it. I'm sure our users over on Free Craft Downloads will  come up with lots more ideas.

We have put fold marks on these papers so you will know where the middle is, plus they have a very light border all rounds, so if you print the A5 card onto an A4 sheet of card you will know where to cut.

Relatives: Card Stencils

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