Sunday, 13 January 2013

Card making papers for relatives

Free Craft Downloads: New Relatives Section

Daughter Craft Paper
So a new year brings a new section for the site, "Relatives".  It's actually quite an obvious section for us to have. We have always tried to offer a wide range of basic papers which are free to download and useful to both card makers and other paper crafters. Although obvious it took a suggestion by one of the sites users to prompt us to make this a section.

We already have some papers on the site for relatives, particular papers to download for fathers day, mother day etc. However in this new section we will be widening the range of relative papers significantly to include some obvious but less widely covered relation ships.

Female relative card making papers.

Daughter Craft Paper
The first few weeks will be spent up loading papers for female relatives and this will cover:
Aunt, Auntie, Aunty, Cousin (female), Daughter, Gran, Grandma, Mom, Mum, Mummy, My Partner (Female), My Wife, Nan, Nanny, Niece, Sister, Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, My Girlfriend, My Fiancée, Step Sister, Step Mother, Step Daughter, Daughter-in-Law and Great Aunt.

This should make a good start for the new section. Each of the set will contain our normal papers: Backing Papers, Tags and Labels, Page Curls, Landscape Papers and our 12 types of insert sheets.

These papers should be great for making birthday cards as well as cards for other special days such as fathers day and mothers day. All of the papers will be fully downloadable and printable so you can use them right away or save them on your computer to use later.

We have already made a start on this new section which you can find here:

Male Relative Card Making Papers.

Daughter craft paperOnce we have a reasonable number of sections for female relatives we will start uploading the same for male relatives. These will include:
Uncle, Cousin (male), Son, Grandpa, Dad, Daddy, My Partner (male), My Husband, Hubby,Gramps, Nephew, Brother,Father-in-Law,Brother-in-Law, My Boyfriend, My Fiancé, Step Brother, Step Father, Step Dad, Step Son, Son-in-Law and Great Uncle.

As with all our free papers we are open to any suggestion you may have for these sections. Birthday cards for relatives are probably the most common greetings cards (after Christmas Cards) so we would like to have as many different free papers in this section as possible.
There will be more new sections on Free Craft Downloads over the new couple of weeks so please look out for those!

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