Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Stuck for a Birthday Card Idea.

Free Zodiac Papers
Zodiac Papers
We often here from people who are stuck for an idea for a birthday card. Maybe then don't know the person who the card is too well, maybe their creativity has escaped them for a while. Whatever the reason it can sometimes take longer to think about the theme for a greeting card than it can take to make the card itself!

Here are some basic ideas, using the papers from free craft downloads which we hope will give you a few quick ideas. Obviously, as normal all of the downloads mentioned can be downloaded for free of our site.

Zodiac Based Cards

So you know when the persons birthday is so you can look up their Birth Sign. On free craft downloads we have all the basic backing papers and inserts for the various birth signs, we also have decoupage and digi stamps available as well so, if you with, you can make the whole card out of Zodiac papers.  If you think that is a bit over the top then you can use one of the zodiac elements and combine it with some of the other papers below.

Zodiac Decoupage
Zodiac Digi Stamps
Basic Zodiac (Backing Papers, Insert Sheets etc.)

Name Papers

Free Name Templates
Name Templates
We cover a large number of names both in basic papers and in card templates so take a look because we may have the one you need. Again they can be used together or maybe you can use them with the zodiac papers or other. Don't forget you can "double print the templates if you wish, print the backing paper you want onto the sheet of card first and them put it through the printer again and print the template on top. This only works for some of the "texture" and pattern design as obviously it will end up up-side-down on the back of the card.

Basic Name Papers (Backing Papers, Inserts Sheets etc)
Name Templates

Number Papers

Free Number Papers
Number Templates
Now you wont always know the age of the person you are making a card for, but if you do and you think it appropriate then you can use some of our number papers, decoupage or number card templates. In most we do all the numbers from 1 to 21 , and then each multiple of 5 from 25 onwards.

Basic Number Papers (Basic Papers, Insert Sheets etc)
Number Decoupage
Number Templates
Number Templates2
Number Templates3

Birth Stones

Free Birth Stone Papers
Birth Stone Papers
We haven't quite done all of the Birth Stone papers yet but will will be adding the remaining one soon. You can find the basic papers we have done so far here:
Birth Stones

Relative Papers

If the person you are making a card for is a relative then maybe you will be able to use one of out relative Stencil Cards or Backing Papers. These are fairly new sections to the site and we have concentrated so far on the female papers but we will be adding more regularly. We do try and cover some of the relative which don't normal get covered (aes wel as the regular ones) so do take a look and see if what you want is there.

Free Relative Templates
Relative Templates
If after all of that you are still stuck for an idea then .we suggest you take a look through our Site Map and see if there is anything on there which triggers an idea :-)

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