Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Alan and Barry Crafti Creations

So how many people watched Alan and Barry on the new Crafi Creations show on 

Well by judging by the number of comments on various forums etc quite a few people, how many of them actually ordered anything off the show, probably not many!

Alan and Barry on Crafti Creations
Alan and Barry on
So was it nerves which got the better of the two, who knows but the best which could be said about their performance was, it was poor. There are certain things you need to be able to do when you are presenting on Shopping Telly and getting the price right, the description right and the telephone number right are 3 of the most important ones. Obviously there weren't alone in making errors, who ever was responsible for the graphs also mange to make a clanger or two. Did the Cuttlebug come with 2 plates or 5, or graphic said one thing, another something different. And Barry said it came with two whist the graphic on the left was clearly saying 5! Did you get 400gsm of Chocolate or 3x 400gsm?. Thats a big difference.

Barry Freestone on Crafti Creations
Barry with guest (Rose?)
Alan much of the time seemed "hectic", there was obviously an attempt to bring back the "banter" which made them so popular with at least some people when they were at Ideal World. For me they didn't really pull it of here and it felt a bit embarrassing to watch at times.

So were there any good points. Well yes, it was nice to see the free P&P, P&P being a sore point for many customers. It was also nice to see at least one item which wasn't paper craft related, the chocolate and moulds, but even then they seemed to be fighting with the gust presenter over who was going to demonstrate what!

Chocolate demonstration on Crafti Creations
The Chocolate Demontration
I shall watch again on Thursday, mainly to see if it improves. I know many people have an issue with Alan and Barry and the demise of Alan and Barrys Crafts which left a lot of people in the lurch but I certainly aren't one of those who will be campaigning or writing to have the show removed. It's shopping telly and like all shopping telly it will succeed or fail on it's orders. If people don't watch or people watch but don't order then it wont last long. If people do watch and buy then, as long as people get their orders promptly and correctly, I assume it will carry on. (there is obviously a bit of hesitancy about who will be responsible for fulfilling the orders and the related customer service and would do well to put peoples minds at rest about those issues).

So will give about 3/10 for this first show with a comment of "more effort and improvement need if its going to stand any chance of continuing". (The show will be on again at 12noon on Thurs 14th March on

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