Thursday, 14 March 2013

Crafti Creations

Alan and Barry on Crafti Creations 14/03.13

Whilst I realise this is in danger of becoming the Crafti Creations blog I thought it only fair that I posted one more time (at least)) about the show.

I missed the beginning of the show but managed to start watching about half an hour in when Kim Sutton was demonstrating her craft items.

Kim Sutton: Paper Crafts

Kim Sutton Crafts
Kim Sutton Crafts
I haven't come across this lady before but  I thought she was really good. I enjoyed watching her demonstration. It was a bit rushed at times but unfortunately that is the nature of this type of craft telly. She did seem to get across all the pertinent information and was very relaxed in front of the camera. Barry did well, I thought, asked some good questions, let her get on with the demo and obviously only hurried her up when he was told to do so by a little voice in his ear.

Although I get a bit board of endless paper crafts I did like the box cards although I'm not sure I'd actually have the patience to make one. I'm sure a lot of the site members at Free Craft Downloads could make a good job of them.

Alan Gear Chocolate Demonstration
The next bit I saw was Alan and the lady demonstrating the chocolate kits. Again Alan seemed to work well with the gust and it all seemed a lot more laid back and informative than it did on Tuesday. I was almost tempted to buy a chocolate set for Easter!

On the whole I this todays show was a huge improvement on Tuesdays. The graphics seemed to be correct (apart from one which Barry caught) and the whole thing seemed a lot more relaxed and therefore the information came across better.

Surprisingly the worse bits, for me, were the times Alan and Barry were presenting together. You know how they say you shouldn't teach anyone who you know too well to drive because it will only end in an argument' well  I'm beginning to think that TV presenting is the same. Whist they seemed to treat the guests with respect and listen to them, when they are both on screen together they talk over each other, don't bother to listen , contradict each other etc. etc.... Whilst a bit of "banter" could be good, this just makes it difficult for the viewer to get any proper information on the product and too much of it is very annoying.

Stupid and pointless countdown clock
Another annoying bit is the timed count down. Whilst I assume this is something on all their shows (I don't know I don't watch) I really don't get the point of it. Why can't they take orders for any of the products during the show whilst they still have the stock. Whilst they may think rushing people to make a purchase is a good sales tac-tic, personally I wont be rushed into a decision and if they want me to make up my mind in 2 mins then I'm probably going to leave it. Anyway we know they are still selling the items on the web site so just what is the rush. It seems a bit childish and condescending to the viewer. This ISN'T an auction.

I really need to say a few words about I've never used them personally so I have to rely on a bit of research I've done on the internet.

Firstly it is strongly suggested that you purchase off the website and not by phoning as phoning will cost you £1.53.

Secondly keep an eye on the P&P, at the moment the P&P on the Crafti Creations show is free but's normal P&P seems to be £7.99 PER ITEM so check that P&P is free or at least reasonable on any future shows.

Lastly, from what I have been able to find out,  it seems like their customer service phone line is outsourced to India. Anyone who used Ideal World in the days when they did that will know what sort of hassles it can cause. On top of that the call isn't free. So if things go smoothly with your order then you will be OK but if you have issues with it aren't known to be the best for sorting them out.

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