Friday, 22 March 2013


OK so we've succumbed to another another trendy "Net 2" site, Pinterest. I did look at it a while ago but I had my doubts about putting our images on another site. Anyway after much though I've decided to give it a go, anything to get a bit more traffic to our site.

Free Craft Downloads on Pinterest

Although it still seems strange that I'm putting our images on someone else's site they are only the "medium" sized images, so if anyone wants the proper quality images they will need to come over to Free Craft Downloads to get them. I will also only be putting on one image from each set so again, if they want to see the rest they'll have to visit our site.

Free Craft Downloads Pinterest Account
I'm willing to give this a go and see if it has any effect. As we are new to Pinterest I shall be highlighting some of past papers as well as adding a "latest papers" section.

If you are a member of Pinterest maybe you could think about following us and or "re-pinning" some of our images.

I haven't quite decided if I shall be putting a "pin this" button on our site yet, need to think about that one a little more :-)

Free Craft Downloads on Pinterest

[p.s. If you haven't visited Pinterest before it's well worth taking a look. Lots of craft stuff on there, just put "card making" or suchlike in their search box.]

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