Sunday, 19 June 2011

Selling My Crafts

One thing I often get quizzed about by site  members etc. is about how they can sell their finished crafts. Whilst some people are content just to make crafts to give to their families and friends other like to sell them.

  • Some people like to sell them just to cover the costs of their materials
  • Some people sell them to raise funds for charity.
  • Some people like to do at as a part-time of even full time job.
So how easy is it to sell your crafts.

Well obviously it will depend partly on what sort of crafts you make. Whilst some crafts sell in quite large volumes, crafts such as greetings cards and jewellery for which there is a large market, there is equally a lot of competition as many people do those crafts themselves.


Your USP is your Unique Selling Point... whist for some items the mere fact they are handmade can be its USP, in a crowded market you are going to need more. The fact a greeting card is handmade isn't much of a USP when 1,000 of other people are also selling handmade cards. However is you were making handmade rocking horses, that would be a different matter.

So if you are selling cards or jewellery or some other popular craft then you are going to have to have something which makes your items stand out as unique.

Where Do I sell?

The Internet? Well the are certainly loads of people setting up sites to sell their hand crafted goods on line. How successful they are being is doubtful Again it will depend on what sort of craft you are making and what sort of "off line" following you have.

Again those making common crafts can't expect a large amount of custom from the search engines, there are just too many competing and joining an already saturated market. Those crafters should see their websites as an online brochure, away to service their off line customers and attract repeat custom.

Those selling more unique and expensive crafts can hope to see at least some search engine traffic.

Craft Fairs. Obviously a common way for people to sell crafts and the more common crafts are much more likely to sell at least a few items. Whereas a customer may not go online specifically to buy a birthday card, it may be a spontaneous purchase at a Craft Fair.

Friends and House Parties. This is the way which many people start off, they sell to friends and then friends of friends. Organising a small "event" in their own home where they can invite people to come round and view the items. Selling at church, school or other types of community group.

That was obviously only a really quick run down and I'll look at each of these methods in more detail in future posts!

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