Friday, 11 March 2011

Newsletter Video

We have been working hard on our newsletter over the last couple of weeks. Firstly we have made it an "online" newsletter this gives us much more scope for showing off all the free papers and linking directly to the downloads. Crafters are on the whole, very "visual people" and we wanted to give more images without clogging up peoples email.

It has also enabled us to do our first Video Newsletter. Again we think a lot of people will prefer to get the information this way. It will also enable us to show people how to do different things on the site. We will include some other information in these videos including info on craft shows and other craft related news.

There is no doubt that the Internet is more and more becoming the place to see information presented in this manor and the quality has increased greatly over the last two years. Try this with the video above. When it starts playing you will see a number (normally 360) on the bottom bar. If you have a fairly fast connection click on this number and change it to HD quality. Then use the botton on the bottom right of the video to view it full page, the quality is really good (if you have a slower connection then you can do the same but after you have changed it to full screen then pause it for a while to give the video a chance to buffer).

I hope you like this video, it includes information on 3 sets of free papers (Cheer Leading, Football and some Easter Decoupage featuring Brewster) as well as giving you glimpses of and

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Sandra said...

Video was great good idea's to learn from