Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Brewster Cricket Papers and More

As those who have signed up to our paper crafts newsletter will know (and readers of out Facebook Page) this week  Brewster has taken up Cricket, luckily just in time for the Cricket world cup. This time there is a score board which allows you to personalise the papers to meet your exact requirements, we have even thrown in some numbers and the words "Not Out" and "Retired" to help with those special greetings cards.

Each time we do a set of Brewster Papers we try and give you some way of adding a "Personal Touch" to the papers. When he was a teacher there was a blackboard, when he was a newspapers vendor we added an "Aboard", the Sheriff had a wanted poster by him and at Christmas he was carrying a huge Christmas Card.

If you have any ideas what you would like to see Brewster doing next, or in the near future please do let us know either by adding a comment here or by emailing us, we would love to hear your ideas. Remember it would be good if there was something about the design which could be personalised. Obviously we can promise to make every suggestion but those which would appeal to lots of people will stand a good chance. We may even see if we can reward those whose suggestions we use :-)

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