Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Childrens Glass Painting Project.

This is the first Glass Painting Project I have done which is specifically geared towards children. Not that it can't be used by adults as well. I was thinking of doing another example myself to show that the same technique can be used by adult to produce quite high quality work and may still when time allows.

I still don't feel that these thick waterbased paints give the same standard of finish as a flowing paint, solvent or waterbased, but then again it is very difficult to use a flowing paint on a curved surface. What will help is when I find another glass painting film which would let me paint flat the move it to a window  etc, haven't found a good one since Rainbow Glass closed down :-(

Anyway back to the Childrens project. It features "Luke" doing most of the painting. I did the outlining for him although he does have a go at outlining now-a-days, and it is getting a lot better, I did it mostly for speed. He's made the little candle holder as an end of term present for his t4eacher so hopefully she'll like it.

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Sandra said...

Love what you are doing with the glass.......:) Sandra H