Monday, 23 June 2008

TV Shopping Craft Shows

Shopping Channels, including those selling crafts are facing a major problem. Not so long ago people would watch their channel and if the viewer thought the product was good, and the presenter could persuade them that it was a bargin, then they would buy. Simple, straight forward and how a shopping channel should work

So what's changed... well mainly what you're looking at now, the internet.

Is it a bargain? No need to take the presenters word for it, a quick google search will most likely find exactly the same product ..... better still a price comparison site will find you a lowest price around. Remember the sites selling these items don't have the overheads which the shopping channels do; no studios, camera crews, production staff, editing equipment etc etc.

So now people are watching the demonstrations on the TV and then buying on the net, great news for the Internet retailers but a big problem for the shopping channels. Their only answer is to try and sell "exclusives" which isn't always possible.

Of course they could always try a bit of price fixing, they do have a fair bit of power over the suppliers but then that would be illegal, wouldn't it ;-)

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