Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Card Making and Paper Crafts. CDs

It continually surprises me that the sale of Craft CDs continues unabated. About 6 years ago when Chris Warner was selling CDs on Ideal World with Alan and Barry I confidently told anyone who would listen that sales would quickly decline and once everyone had one or two craft Cds then the bottom would fall out of the market.... how wrong I was....... I didn't allow for the fact that new designers would come along and produce work that would totally outshine Chris. Not only that but more Craft CDs would be programmes which would help people produce their own designs.

However the craft CD market is now facing new competition: firstly from sites providing immediate downloads of backing papers and decoupage sheets AND from sites giving away free paper crafting resources.

Just flick through Free Craft Stuff and you will will find 1,000s of free craft downloads , mostly made by gifted ammutuer designers. If you want free backing paper then Backing Papers for Free has 100's. Other sites do templates, T-bag sheets, decoupage sheets, tags and labels, almost everything you could want for your paper crafting. So will Craft CDs survive, I suspect the answer is yes for the foreseeable future (although they will slowly turn into Craft DVDs) because people enjoy collecting their favourite designer and it much easier to pick a CD up off the side than go searching on the internet where there is always a chance of getting sidelined on other things :-)

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