Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Glass Painting

Glass Painting: Dolphin Vase.

Glass Painting.

It's actually bee quite a while since I did any glass paints.. 18+ months perhaps. This has mainly been due to moving hose but I must admit working on the update for took up a lot of time as well.

Any way after completing the update for Craftville the next obvious thing to do was update This is another site I have been running for a long time (just check and i started it in 2000 so it is now 15 years old).  Again it has always been a "help site" with designs videos and product reviews.

Whilst deciding to update the site, making it viewable on tablets and mobiles etc, it also became obvious that a lot of the content also needed updating. Whilst a lot of the writing was OK the images and videos were certainly showing their age. Digital photography has come a long way very quickly. My phone now takes far better images than my first very expensive digital camera!

When I first started making videos I recorded them on tape. I then had to be a special box to plug into the computer. I would attach the camera to that, play the tapes and record them on the computer in a digital format. Even then they were quite a low resolution.

Glass Painting: Outlining Video.

Anyway the glass painting site has now been updated and I am busy replacing the old content and creating some new stuff. I here's the crux of this piece.... I'd forgotten how much I enjoy glass painting and how relaxing I find it.  In a lot of ways it is even better now. When I actually worked as a glass painter and demonstrator full time it was actually quite difficult to come home and do some more for the site. Now I can do it just for fun I feel that I can start enjoying it again.

Glass Painting: 3d Framed Suncatcher.
So far I've re-recorded the video on outlining and created a completely new project, a 3d frame suncatcher.

One of the great things about glass painting is the range of items you can make. As well as redoing some more of the old videos I am now developing a few more new projects. At the two extremes of glass painting I'm doing a couple of "quick" projects using limited resources and a "big" project which looks like it will be my front door. I haven't done a really big project for a very long time so I am really looking forward to that!

So my advice is, is you haven't done any glass painting for a while or even if you've never tried it before maybe it's time to get give it a go. There is plenty of information on our glass painting site to help you get (back) into it, there is even a blog on recuing old paints.

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wow awesome!!!! i would love to be able to do this!