Friday, 4 July 2014

Free Card Kits

For years I have been avoiding making card kits. My thoughts were along the lines that we would provide crafters with a large number of free papers but that the actual design and style of the card ( or other papercraft item ) would be down to them. We've stuck to that for every since we launched Free Craft Downloads / Craftville.

So what's changed? Well basically we have been asked again and again for kits so we have finally decided to trial them. They aren't meant to replace our "normal papers", in fact all the kits have been made up using previously released papers.

What we have done with these kits is resized and altered the papers so they all fit together to make one card. It reduces the amount of cutting, resizing and altering sheets making the kits quite easy to put together. No only that but you don't even have to use everything which is there. Sheet 1 is the basic card and you could, if you wish, just print that off and fold it in half. That would make a card but obviously doesn't involve a lot of craft.

The second sheet is the decoration, normally a bit of decoupage or a pyramid (stacker). You don't have to use everything (or anything) on this sheet. Even my demonstration piece at the top of this page uses less than half the decoupage available. If it's a pyramid design with 6 layers you could just choose to use 3!

The final sheet, 3, it an insert sheet. Again it is optional, you could put in a plain white sheet if you prefer, or not use one.

So we shall be trialling these kits for the next few week, So far they have proved very popular with lots of downloads (maybe having them available in zip files helps) so my guess at this stage is they will become a perminant feature on the site.

You can see the range of free card kits we have available HERE.

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