Sunday, 5 February 2012

Home Made Valentine Days Card

There is something extra special abut a home made Valentines Day Card. Maybe its because you have taken time and care to make it. Lets face it, anyone can pop into a Card Shop or the local news agents and buy a cards but not everyone is willing to take the time to make one themselves.

Actually I've always though about cards that way. I can look in the draw of my desk and find a card scribbled by of of my children aged two but I can't find a shop bought one, not even one of the expensive ones!

Well over on Free Craft Downloads there are plenty of downloads to help you make a great personalised card, and you will find two examples over on Janets Blog.

Each of these use papers, templates and images from Free Craft Downloads. You will find everything listed on our special Valentines Day Page. Why not try one of the "pop out" heart templates and/or a cupid insert.

Also don't forget our Backing Paper Builder. You can choose either a plain background or one of the special valentines day ones and add a personal message and/or name.

Whatever type of card you choose to make I'm certain that being home made will make it extra special for the receiver.

Backing Papers, Inserts, borders and Tags

      Valentines Day
      Valentines Day 2
      Valentines Day 3
      Valentines Day 4
      Valentines Day 5

Decoupage and Pyramid

      Valentines Day


      Heart Card Templates 

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