Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Character Papers

Bulmer Fishing
I thought it may be a good idea to write a little about our Character Papers because they are slightly at odds with the way we set up the site originally.

We developed the site to provide a basic library of free papers which could be used by both Card Makers and Scrap Bookers. These were all going to be general papers covering a wide variety of topics; sports, recreation, hobbies etc. Basically anything which would be useful for making cards or Scrap Booking Layouts.

Now the Character based papers move us slightly away from these original aims. We found that many people like to make cards with Disney Characters, Winnie the Pooh, Simpsons etc etc but the in many instances this breaches copyright. Even when you buy the official papers they often put restrictions on what you can do with them.  Although our images aren't copyright free we are more than happy for people to make hand crafted items with them, either for personal use or for sale.

Bea Fairy
So we are trying to build up a portfolio of characters which we can then put in different situations, all relevant to paper crafters. So far we have Brewster our oldest character who so far has 11 sets of papers to his name, Beatrice, the fairy with attitude,  2 sets of papers and Bulmer, the slightly grumpy Gnome who has just has his first set of papers. We intend to develop at least three more characters and then to concentrate on establishing these within the paper crafting community.

Although we have enough "situations" for the Characters we have to last well into 2012 we always welcome new ideas for things they can be doing.

In the meantime look out for a very special set of papers coming very soon which will feature all 3 of the current characters.

Brewster Bowling Brewster Cricket
Brewster Newspaper Brewster Singer

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