Wednesday, 5 October 2011

B****** Ebay Sellers

Not one but 2 Ebay sellers are putting my papers on disc and selling them. Not only my papers but papers by Lilac Garden, Monica and some commercial ones as well. Now I know that in the case of the 1st 3 we give our papers away for free but, as my copyright page makes clear, this doesn't mean they are copyright free. Just about all the work on my site I have done myself (other the bits which are public domain or I have specially commission and paid for) so what makes someone else the right to just download it and sell it on a disc.

I have just bought two discs from one of the sellers and I have to say it is pretty poor quality, in fact some of the images seem to be thumbnails so they can't actually be used for anything worthwhile. I'm going to very very nice (at first) and just email the two copyright thieves but if they don't agree to stop then I can see it getting very expensive for both of us. I know I can get the individual discs taken down by Ebay BUT I can't check every disc they list to see if it's got my papers on it!

Anyway I shall let you know how the email goes... in the meantime if you buy a disc and find it has my (or other designers ) stuff on it please let me (or the designer) know. I do not sell my designs on disc (except the odd bits I did for the Craft4Charity disc a couple of years ago) and I haven't given anyone else permission to use my designs in this way.

  1. Report such people to Ebay.
  2. Leave them negative Feedback
  3. Demand your money back either from them or PayPal (do NOT return the disc, tell them it has been binned)

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Sandra said...

Now thats very naughty thank you for the warning:) Sandra H