Monday, 18 January 2010

Well I've completelyrevamped the website, new layout, new mailing list, new forum and even some new content.

The new content includes 3 new videos, a basic painting one, a new blending one and a glass painted portrait.

Not too sure about the last one. The videos a bit boring, just me glass painting speeded up! I'm not too sure about the result either. It's the first time I've tried this type of glass painting (without outliner) and I think I'll have to give it a few more tries. Next time I'll ensure all the colours are completely different as the dark brown I used was far too close too the balck. The blue I used should also have beeen a lot greyer!

Well if you don't try these things you never learn anything new! Would be interested to hear if anyone else gives this style of glass painting a go!

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