Friday, 28 November 2008

Crafts and Computers

Most of the time I think a computer is a crafters best friend. With it I can access the Internet and therefore source crafting materials, talk to other crafters in forums, promote my goods etc. Away from the Internet I can do my accounts, make up new design and deal with all my show bookings.... great..... until something like earlier this month happened when both of my hard drives (laptop and desktop) decided to break in the same week.... so even though I had been backing stuff up I lost it all :-(

So now I've bought one of those stand alone hard drives and I shall backing everything up TWICE, what are the chances of 3 hard drives going at the same time do you think?

Speaking of forums, I read an interesting statement on a forum the other day. The website owner said "You can say whatever you want in this forum", not sure what prompted them to write that but it seems a bit of a strange statement, somewhat naive. What is it about the internet which makes people think it isn't governed my either everyday social rules or even the law.... of course you can't write what you want in a forum, and should you write anything which is libellous, racist, promotes hatred etc. it would be a very silly site owner who didn't take any action. Forums are great, I'm a member of at least 10, Craft Forums, animation forums and software forums but I like to think I behave in them no differently than I do in face to face meetings :-)

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